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The stylish LIQUA Q Vaping Pen, available in black and white, is a hassle-free device with a large 2.0ml tank, one-touch operation, and a micro-USB charger, allowing for vaping and charging at the same time. Each atomizer is also dry-burned and oven-cooked to deliver a 100% pure, fresh taste from the very first vape. We’ve also equipped this device with a dual-coil atomizer, meaning that our lightweight, easy-to-handle 900 mAh battery is able to work more efficiently, delivering up to 300 puffs per full charge.

Easy to use

The LIQUA Q Vaping Pen is easy to use, with one-touch operation

Vaping on the go

The fully-charged battery has been optimized to deliver 300 puffs when fully charged

No down-time when charging

The LIQUA Q Vaping Pen comes with a micro-USB charger which allows you to continue vaping while you charge

Usable right out of the box

Each atomizer is specially treated to ensure unrivalled taste from the very first puff

Welcome to the world of vaping

The world of vaping brings you unexpected possibilities, unimaginable with traditional smoking. Are you fed up with traditional cigarette restrictions, limited flavour selection or criticism? Don’t be tied down; take matters into your own hands. With vaping you decide.

Ideal alternative to smoking

E-cigarettes are considered an ideal alternative to smoking by many vapers. No burning and production of thousands of chemicals, no pollution in the form of ash or irritant smoke. The only by-product produced by an e-cigarette is water vapour which disappears within few seconds and does not affect your surroundings

No more smoking out in the cold

No longer will you have to stand outside in the cold to smoke. This is now a thing of past, with an e-cigarette and vaping, you do not have to go outside any more. You will be amazed by your new-found freedom.

Enjoy discovering the right flavour for you

Have you ever felt restricted by the limited cigarette flavours available? There are so many flavours in the world of vaping that you will be amazed. Enjoy discovering the right one for you.

Significant financial savings

As we all know smoking is a very expensive habit. Just calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes each year. When you ask vapers what the biggest benefits of vaping are they most often mention the significant financial savings compared to traditional smoking.

Warranty and limited liability

This product is sold with a limited warranty and specific remedies are available to the original purchaser in the event the product fails to conform to the limited warranty. The product can differ from the one than is shown on box or in manual.

All LIQUA atomizers and clearomizers are subject to a 14 day lifespan warranty, when properly used according to instructions. Within this period they can be repaired or replaced if the damage corresponds with warranty conditions. In this case, please contact your retailer together with all necessary proof of purchase documents.


Atomizers have an average lifespan of 14-20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, its performance may suffer or it may begin to leak. Replace the atomizer head with a new one.

Lithium-ion battery caution

Lithium-Ion batteries are subject of 180 day lifespan warranty, when properly used according to instructions. Within this period they can be repaired or replaced if the damage corresponds with warranty conditions. In this case, please contact your retailer together with all necessary proof of purchase documents.

This product is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery. Do not pierce, open, disassemble it or use it in a humid and/or corrosive environment. Do not put, store or leave your product in or near sources of heat, in direct strong sunlight, in a high temperature location, in a pressurized container or in a microwave oven. Do not expose it to temperatures over 45℃ (113 F). If the battery leaks and you come into contact with the leaked fluids, rinse your skin thoroughly with water and seek medical attention immediately. Failure to follow these instructions could case the Lithium-Ion battery to leak acid, become hot, explode or ignite and cause injury and/or damage.

Optimizing battery performance

Do not leave your battery charging for more than one week. Doing so runs the risk of overcharging the battery and shortening its total lifespan. If the device is not used for an extended period of time, the battery will slowly discharge and the device will need to be recharged before using it again. Use only the original manufacturer’s battery in the device.Use only accessories that are LIQUA branded or certified by manufacturer.Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures. Do not allow the device to come in close contact to a flame. This warranty does not cover any defects or damages on products that have been lost, misused, improperly or inadequately maintained, or modified.Manufacturer shall not be liable for any special , incidental or consequential damages, even if informed of the possibility in advance.Manufacturer is not responsible for inappropriate using of product (i.e. for another purpose) or in contradiction to use conditions.

Thank you for buying LIQUA product

In a case of questions or remarks, please contact us at


Length: 159mmDiameter: 14mmWeight: 46g

E-liquid tank volume: 2.0ml


Standby current: 5uA maxMaximum output current: 2.5AMaximum output wattage: 8WVoltage: 4.2V max, voltage is not adjustableCartomizer resistance: 2.0 OhmBattery: Built-in 650mAh Li-Ion rechargeable batteryBattery fully charge duration: 2.5 hoursCharging: Bottom Micro-USB charging, 420mA maxShort-circuit Protection: 1.5 ohmBattery charge power supply: USB 5V

Locking / unlocking the device: Pressing operational button 5 times continuously and rapidly

Number of vaping per full tank: Approx. 300 puffsNumber of vaping per fully charged battery: Approx. 300 puffs
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