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We at Ritchy Group Ltd. have been obsessed with the safety and quality standards of our products since 2009 and we are confident that our products are among the most verified on the market. But only transparency can lead to restoring the trust in our product as well as vaping itself. This is why we have decided to publicly share previously undisclosed information.

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Open Policy Letter
Ritchy Group CEO goes public with its Open Policy Letter, signed by CEO Max Kosenko, states its commitments to share important product safety data and invites other vaping industry professionals to provide more transparency about their product quality and safety.

General list of ingredients
and maximum concentration limits
Ritchy company has decided to publish all product components used in Liqua and Aramax e-liquids, and invites all professional vaping manufacturers to join this movement and publicly share internal data with consumers, media and industry professionals.
Quality & Safety First
From the very beginning, Ritchy is focused on the safest possible e-liquid development in the market.
We meet European
safety requirements
LIQUA product fit all the requirements and goes beyond by monitoring and complying with even more strict local legislation adopted by individual countries.
About Ritchy Group
Ritchy Group Ltd. is a privately held global technology and innovation company in the electronic cigarettes and e-liquids industry. Since 2009 it has been offering alternative solutions to adult smokers in more than 85 countries.
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