Smart & Quick way to mix your own vape liquid.

What is Mix&Go?

PG/VG Base

PG/VG base of desired ratio to complete the Mix&Go bottle.


6 ml concentrated aroma in a 30ml bottle, with space to mix your liquid.

LIQUA Crystal

18mg nicotine booster (50VG) enables you to tailor your desired nicotine strength based on the added volume

Mix&Go is a concentrated aroma and needs to be mixed with other ingredients before use.

Why Mix&Go?

No need to select "Price over Quality or Vape Consumption". Now you can have it all!

Save up to 40%

Spend less to get more than before.

Vape on the spot!
It's personal!

Make your vape experience more personal. YOU decide how the eliquid will be mixed.

How to use

Step 1
Open the bottle

Press the cap down & unscrew completely. Place the cap on the spout & remove under 45° angle

Step 2
Add the booster

Range of desired strengths are marked on the bottle. Pour nicotine shots to the level of your preferred strength.

Step 3
Add the PG/VG base

Fill up PG/VG base to the top of the bottle sticker.

Step 4
Shake for 1 min

Wait for 5 minutes before using. For the best results wait 24 hours before use. Enjoy the experience!


Sweet tobacco

Sweet tobacco combines traditional tobacco with caramel and vanilla.

Mango Milkshake

Our Mango Milkshake is infused with a real fresh mango flavor.

New York Cheesecake

Prepare for the ultimate combination of fresh, creamy, and sweet.

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberries blend seamlessly with yogurt for a taste that can't be beat.

Bright tobacco

Virginia tobacco with a woodsy spice and delicate aroma.

Traditional tobacco

The distinctive taste of tobacco, complemented sandalwood fragrance.

Turkish tobacco

Sweet honey finish and spicy oriental aroma takes classic tobacco.

American blend

Classic Virginia tobaccos, with hints of honey, blend together.

Berry Mix

Strawberries, juicy cherries, tart grapes, and tangy citrus.


Why do I need Mix&Go?

– Smart Save. Invest less to achieve more vaping pleasure than before.
– Smart Save. Get more from your investment, Mix&Go
– Get New Impressions. Create the PERFECT MATCH - you decide the RATIO.
– Feel Free. Experiment & improve your DIY e liquid mixing skills.
– Have Fun. Mix with simplicity, and enjoy the experience!
– Enjoy & Vape Large

I am not a certified chemist. Can I handle mixing?

No qualifications required - All you need is to add the ingredients to the aroma & achieve your own mix, with the desired ratio and nicotine strength.

Can I use Mix&Go if I do not know what amount of ingredients to use to achieve my desired PG/VG ratio & e-liquid nicotine strength?

No worries, we've done this for you. All you need to do is follow the "Mixing Guide" on the side of the box!

I always vape 3 mg. Accidentally I've poured nicotine to the level of the 6 mg mark. Can I re-mix again to achieve 3 mg?

You need to pour the achieved mix into an empty 60ml bottle (suitable for mixing) and fill the rest of the space with an appropriate PG/VG base.

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