Introducing LIQUA HP

A next generation eLiquid for the latest generation of eDevices!

For high-end eDevices

Vapers today are using more and more powerful, high-end eDevices. But aside from a few very expensive premium brands, eLiquids have struggled to match the potential these new devices offer.

LIQUA HP is a next generation eLiquid ofr the latest generation of eDevices!

LIQUA HP offers

  • Delicious, complex flavors
  • Increased VG
  • Opti-V technology
  • Affordable price
  • Convenient, on the go packaging

Frutti Velocity

The muscle car of taste. Put your foot down on this sweet tutti frutti and wonder how we’ve managed to pack in even more fruity flavor. This vape evokes the legends of speed; A crisp and solid retro-classic.

Sweet Accelerator

A pedal to the metal, irresistibly heightened combination of fresh and sweet. The rich, full flavor of cheesecake with a flash of juicy kiwi, cherry, lime, blueberry and banana that will prolong your pleasure. This is taste fully-loaded.


This is not your granddad’s tobacco vape. We’ve taken an American tobacco chassis and hot-rodded it with a complex mix of mint, caramel, and juicy fruits. If you’re a fan of classic tobacco flavors, but have been waiting for a bold new version for your high-end mod, then this is the vape for you.

Summer Drift

With V8 power, this is mango infused freshness that will leave the competition in its full, creamy wake. Race through the gears with a tropically smooth sweetness that promises to deliver a powerful taste experience. All. Day. Long.

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