There are many common questions when it comes to e-liquid. Whether you are curious about our most popular flavors, ingredients, storage, or return policies, we hope to answer any questions with our e-liquid FAQ.

What is the quality of nicotine in your e-liquids?

Nicotine quality is of the utmost importance to us. People often don’t realize that bad nicotine can ruin the vaping experience. We only use nicotine with 99.9% purity -which is above USP pharmaceutical standards. Further, our nicotine has been treated to additional stages of distillation, lowering residual alkaloids and odor, resulting in the highest possible quality and best possible vape.

How do you ensure the quality of PG/VG?

We only use USP standard, Kosher certified PG and VG in our e-liquids. These provide minimum odor, which can influence the overall taste. Most manufacturers are not concerned with the smell of these ingredients, but we think it’s very important as these odors interfere with the taste perception of the e-liquid. We also never use materials of animal origin or VG from palm trees, which often have traces of allergens in them.

How and in which environment do you handle with ingredients?

Our cleanroom environment is GMP food industry level and ISO Level 7. Certified to ISO9001 standards. We wash all of our bottles, nozzles, and caps in 5 stages of ultrasound cleaning and ultra pure compressed air drying.

Different materials require different storage solutions. Most of them are contained in industrial refrigeration units with specific, ideal temperatures for each ingredient. We use a Zero Cross Contamination protocol for all materials to ensure 100% quality during the entire manufacturing process. That protocol ensures that different products never contact same surface, tubings or tools. Dispensing is is done through gravimetric measurements with 0.1% USP precision levels. Mixing results are controlled by multi-sampling from batches to ensure an even spread of material across the batch.

How do you select reliable suppliers?

We have our own very strict standards for supplier selection and a rigorous validation process to ensure potential suppliers meet these requirements. We always check the history of our suppliers and personally visit almost all of them to verify their 9001/GMP standards. We run routine tests of all of our batches of e-liquid to ensure that the quality meets our standards. All quality control is done in our own fully -equipped laboratory.

How do you prevent the presence of undesirable chemicals in your e-liquids?

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in our R&D department. We have our own fully-equipped laboratory validated for maximum precision, an investment most other e-liquid manufacturers do not bother with. It’s an expensive endeavor, but we feel it’s worth it to get the best quality product to our customers.

All raw materials are subjected to GC-MS & UPLC research to test for volatile organics, and ICP-MS research to test for heavy metals. Because we develop our flavors in-house, we run our tests on the pure raw materials rather than the final e-liquids, allowing us to find even the tiniest contaminations. This level of fidelity is simply impossible for most other producers.

Many times a chemical which is perfectly safe to eat may cause adverse health effects when inhaled (such as Diacetyl). This is why we use international standards of occupational hazard for chemicals present in the air as our ultimate guide for determining the limits of chemicals we put into our products.

What are Diacetyl, Diethylene glycol (DEG), Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl? Do you use them or other harmful ingredients in your products?

Diacetyl is a common flavor component that many brands use and which has been in the news quite a bit recently. Diacetyl is generally found in milky, vanilla-type flavors. It’s actually a natural extract that provides these distinct flavors. However, it has been found to have a negative health impact when inhaled over long periods of time. This is why we never put it in our products!

Other flavor components with potentially adverse health effects include Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. These are chemicals that can give an e-liquid a pleasant buttery flavor and are common in many other brands. However they adversely affect respiratory health (lung irritants) and we do not use them in our products.

Diethylene glycol (DEG) can often be found in lower quality PG. It has also been proven to be harmful to your health when vaped. Because we use use only very high quality raw materials, our products do not contain DEG, but we routinely test for the presence of it in every batch.

We pay very close attention to the latest research on e-liquid ingredients and their potential health effects. As new information comes to light, we incorporate those findings into our methodology and our recipes to ensure that vaping LIQUA is as safe as possible.

Do you use natural extracts?

It is popular in the vaping industry to claim ‘made with natural extracts’. The fact is that many natural extracts, when inhaled, contain impurities and harmful (though naturally occurring) chemicals such as diacetyl or acetoin. These levels can be anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 times the limits we set for ourselves. For this reason, we do not specifically favor natural extracts unless they meet our purity requirements. For us, this often requires a more complicated compounding formulation from basic components to avoid unwanted materials in the final product, but we believe this method is worth it.

Do your e-liquids contain alcohol?

Some of our flavors do contain alcohol, but not enough to have any effect on the consumer. Alcohol is normally used as a solvent for some of our raw materials, so it is a necessary part of the production process. In some cases, it’s a small part of the original natural extract that doesn’t pose any risk or perceivable effect.

Do you use water in your e-liquid?

We don’t routinely use water in our products. We discovered very early in our careers that the atomization process is much worse with high water content, so we try to keep water content to a minimum. Some flavors do contain a small amount of water when particular components require its solving property.

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