We believe

Our people are the key to the global success of Ritchy. We’re therefore constantly looking for super crew, self-driven team members who want to do a job with a higher purpose and have fun doing it. Check out more on RItchy career site and apply if you share our passions.

Open positions

Whom are we looking for

We are always looking to expand our team. Are you the One we seek?
Do you know someone that is? If yes, send the resume to:

We are on a journey to expand our team…

... and we have been searching for new super crew members.

We like to be the game changers in what we do and we have these criteria:

Someone who's cool…

…who can be passionate and spread engagement...

...and think outside of box.

We need someone result oriented...

…but able to have some fun...

…while walking in the shoes of our consumers.

If it is you, welcome to the team.

Why work with us

Not just a business, it is a mission we are on

Smoking kills more than 5 million people per year. Among the five greatest risk factors for mortality, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death. We believe that by delivering a perfect vaping alternative to smoking our products and services can help millions of people stop smoking and harming themselves. Read more about the business we are in.

Our ambitions are international and bold

You can enjoy our products no matter if you are in Bangkok, London, Cape Town or Los Angeles.  We sell to more than 85 countries around the world and that number continues to grow. Be part of a journey full of challenges and opportunities to learn, while working in a stable global company that has BOLD ambitions.

Challenging and exciting jobs

E-cigarettes are a young, dynamic and constantly developing business. All the challenges it brings require us constantly learn, think outside of the box and not settle for the traditional solutions. We´ll give you a chance to leave your footprint in all you do. In Ritchy you’ll be responsible for what happens and you’ll make the decisions from day one. The words challenge, interest, freedom, and autonomy simply describe our jobs.

Believing in the power of self-realization

Ritchy is a dynamic company with easy cooperation, fast decision making and no excessive corporate bureaucracy. Our roles are wide in scope, provide independence, creativity and excitement. We are looking for those who want to leave a footprint in all they do - bigger and bolder then one can imagine.


Collaboration, allowing us having fun, taking initiative and ownership are our cultural norms. We have a supportive environment, great leadership, exciting and challenging jobs, work-life balance and above market pay and bonuses. Our culture is informal and friendly. We are not into status or artificial levels between colleagues, top managers or owners. We are all Ritchy.

Taking pride in our work

We try hard never to compromise on product qualities. Commitment to our consumers and their feedback guides our thinking and we want to return the favor by giving our customers great vaping experiences.

What motivates you to work for Ritchy?

Aneta Aneta

"I love to be involved 100% into what I am doing. I feel a lot depends on me here and my actions count. There is always something going on including the many learning opportunities here."

Kawar Kawar

"I like working for Ritchy because I can see how my role has a real and meaningful impact on our ongoing success."

Stephanos Stephanos

"I like the flexible and relaxing environment and the fact that our company empowers me to self-manage everyday."

Paula Paula

"What motivates me to be part of Ritchy are the challenges of the fast-paced industry, opportunities to learn and the opportunity to be part of a global company that has big aspirations."

Sam Sam

"Smoking is a bad habit. It motivates me to be a part of exciting journey that helps to make the world a better place to live. On the top of that working for Ritchy gives you a chance to leave your footprint in all you do - bigger and bolder then you can imagine."

What motivates you to work for Ritchy?

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