Why Ritchy?

RITCHY is a High End E-cigarette and E-liquid Manufacturer. Our goal is to take e-vaping to a new level and keep you always charged with exciting vaping experiences.

Unlike other brands, we DO have our own manufacturing facility which allows us to make the RIGHT products, RIGHT liquids for RIGHT vaping. This enables you to enjoy the SMARTest Smoking Alternative.

And this is how we do it:

Outstanding Quality

Every element we produce is carefully designed by inhouse RITCHY engineers. That's why we provide 1 year warranty on all products. We take total responsibility in all that we do.

Outstanding Quality

High Performance

Our product development team are keen smokers themselves. That is why we focus on what smokers enjoy - consistent huge vapor, hassle free usage, exciting flavors...

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Flavored Liquid

Liquid is the Key to e-vaping and RITCHY treats it very seriously. Full range of tastes are designed by those who really know what they should be - most professional flavorists from Italy.
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Attractive Prices

We believe that e-vaping should be affordable for daily use. It is a SMARTer alternative to traditional smoking and much more exciting. Being a manufacturer gives us the most attractive prices in the market!


When people see and experience RITCHY, the reaction is always the same:


Vaping is a lifestyle and Ritchy is a part of it with vivid design, exceptional taste and wonderful accessories.

Prompt Support

Before or after the sale, we are always ready to serve you. We can be reached via email, phone or on-line chat.

You'll be surprised how fast we respond to you..even on weekends! It's not just words.

It is what we do because we Really Care!


It is Higly Profitable to work with Ritchy as we are always one step ahead of the market. We want to to share our competitive advantages with our Partners.

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