Dear partners and LIQUA
Premium lovers

our products are increasingly popular among consumers, which makes us very happy.
Unfortunately, along with this popularity, there is a serious negative effect: the increasing presence of fake LIQUA products. These products devalue brand quality and the price of LIQUA Premium, moreover fake products may contain ingredients that are hazardous to health.
In order to protect and preserve the reputation of the brand, we have been cooperating with the authorities and our business partners. Our goal is to uncover the perpetrators as soon as possible, punish them, and eliminate the dangerous fake products.

In the end we will take all legal steps necessary. There is only one original!

Be careful. Below are some tips on how to recognise fake products.

If you encounter fake products please let us know. Simply fill out the form on this page. Thank you in advance, this will help us greatly.

Durability two years

LIQUA Premium states two years durability.
Fake products state longer durability than two years.

EAN code on sticker

LIQUA Premium´s EAN code is glued on the box.
It is never directly printed on the box.

White cap

LIQUA Premium´s cover is always in pure white colour. It is never coloured, yellowish or grayish.

Softer bottle

You fill your e-cigarette with a gentle squeeze of Liqua Premium bottle. Fake bottles are made of harder plastic which is difficult to squeeze.

High-quality printing

The printing on boxes and bottles of LIQUA Premium is in a high quality. Images are sharp with vivid colours and the font is precise.

We don’t imitate brands

LIQUA Premium never imitates real cigarette brand names such as Marlboro, Camel or Lucky Strike in labeling or names.

Thin dropper

The Liqua Premium silicone dropper has a conical shape.

Label for the blind

LIQUA Premium has always had a label for the blind on the bottle and box. While in fact we only have this on the bottle and box for products with nicotine, for zero nicotine products we don't put the sticker on bottle or box.

LIQUA only comes in a box

Original LIQUA is never sold without the box. If you see a bottle being sold separately, it is definitely a fake.

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